Doc rivers, the celtics coach for many years, and the rate of team won the NBA championship in 2008. Back in charge of the green army during the years, doc rivers admitted that he had two regret.

"In 2009, we start is better than 2008." He said, "I don't think any team could beat us. But as the injured Kevin garnett fell, everything changed. The injured, Kevin did not return to before. Although he is still great, but he Jimmy Butler jerseys for sale has not the same. Although the injuries are part of the NBA games, but we could have a good journey, but it was taken."

The second regret decided to leave the celtics in rivers.

"If you remember, I spent about 6 weeks to make the decision to leave." He then said, "this is too long. If I have any mistakes, that is I can't make a decision. I know I don't want to experience the reconstruction process, because I have experienced twice. My decision is on leave or I still eager to charge between the two."

"Leave the celtics is a good situation for me, the clippers allow me management team, this is I have never done before, and I don't know if I can do it, because of this, I got grow."

Although has left the celtics, but the rivers and the celtics general manager Danny ainge relationship still very good. According to rivers, coach during the green army, he hopes to be able to take cheap Bulls Jimmy Butler jerseys a deal, that is 2011 celtics with perkins for Jeff wholesale Jimmy Butler jerseys from china green.

"We hope to get James harden." He said, "in the beginning, we do think it is possible, but we later found that is not true. I don't want the deal to happen, because it will change the composition of our team. I have always thought that if the perkins trade, other people look at the way we will be different, but it did happen."

"But Jeff is more young, and very talented, so I can understand. In the end, I give Danny blessing. Though I opposed the deal, because I want perkins left, but I understand the deal."

Since 2010, with lebron James to join in the Miami heat and the big three, the celtics had never reached the finals. When asked to compare lebron James and Michael Jordan, the rivers are more inclined to the Chicago bulls, 23.

"I'm in favor of Michael Jackson." He admitted, "I compete with Michael, so this is the reason why I think so. But cheap Jimmy Butler jerseys free shipping they are completely different, even is not the same type of player. Lebron should more compared to 'the magician', rather cheap Jimmy Butler jerseys supply than Michael."

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